Project Details
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Problem Statement

Understanding and simulating the dynamics of social networking platforms present a significant challenge, given the complex interactions and vast data involved. Developing an application that can effectively model these interactions, such as friend relationships, content filtering, and search functionalities, requires sophisticated algorithms and data structures to handle the intricate, large-scale data efficiently and accurately.

How my Project Solves it

Conceptualized and implemented a Java-based application designed to accurately simulate the complex dynamics of social networking platforms. The application includes a variety of features that enhance the user experience and provide deep insights into network behavior. These features include efficient user search, autocomplete and exact match functionalities, mutual friends identification, minimum friendship paths calculation, top trending hashtags ranking, and advanced filter-based search enhancements. Additionally, the application incorporates a friend suggestion algorithm to further mimic social network interactions.

To manage the complex data effectively, the application utilizes major data structures such as Tries for rapid text searches and autocompletion, Graphs for managing relationships and path calculations, Priority Queues (Max-Heap) for sorting and retrieving top elements like trending hashtags, and HashMaps and HashSets for efficient data lookup and uniqueness checks. Regular Expressions are used to enhance search capabilities and filter operations, providing a robust and realistic simulation of social network dynamics.